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According to the Federal Reserve, the number of life years spent in leisure plus the time off during your working years - rose from 11 years in 1870 to 40 years by today.


Given the rise in life expectancy, the average American spends nearly half his life in leisure. 


If you had told this to the average American 100 years ago, that person would have considered you wealthy beyond imagination.



Always according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the average American is watching TV for 2.8 hours per day, accounting, on average, for around half of his leisure time.


That means an average american person will watch over 9 years’ worth of TV, or around 80,486 hours. 

MediaLeisure’s aim is to improve and entertain contemporary society through premium media contents, sustainable retail, better lifestyle and healthier food culture.

"Our job is to look closely at the society, intuit changes and anticipate their needs.

Then create & develop format of products & services, the related marketing and communication, adapting to the local culture, to the grammar of the media.

We would replicate them since they are still propulsive and an economic driving force.

Then we will start all over again with new insights and new emotions."

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