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The revolutionary times we are living in, moving into a global knowledge society, constitute a great transition & opportunity: the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) in unfolding before our eyes, the era of creative global convergence.


MediaLeisure is a Luxembourg holding company, a multitasking creative platform to conceive, design & implement sustainable intangible assets & services for the upper classes of emerging markets supporting investments in intellectual capital and intellectual assets to improve the quality of their lifestyles.


A global think tank net that comprises truly cosmopolitan creatives, digital nomad artists, architects, designers, intellectual properties creators, storytellers, show runners, gastronomy experts along with commercial, marketing, communication brain forces with the peculiar ability to tailor for a specific marketplace spreading creative economy.


Better ideas, better products, better services for a better living.

Like a pomegranate:
a juicy, healthy, red fruit rich of antioxidants, popular in all continents, a collective fruit containing many other fruits within.




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Biz Units


MediaLeisure IP

content creation & development

From 1994 a trading & consultancy creative ‘boutique’ in Italy in the entertainment TV format field.


Now with Executives with over 20 years experience in development & distribution MediaLeisure IP is at a unique stage: possessing both established popular products and driving the company’s increasing emphasis on “in-house content creation & development” generating a unique offer of quality brands, new original multi-platform owned intellectual properties with tremendous growth potential in the emerging marketplaces, in all the MENA markets, all Lat Am.

MediaLeisure IP uniquely combines all “under-one-roof” skills & talented – truly cosmopolitan based in Luxembourg and UAE – experienced management in the non scripted & scripted televisions with all its ancillary exploitation businesses and the complete in-house creation of new series, brands, formats and concepts specifically for over-the-top, mobile & internet.

MediaLeisure IP - SHOWREEL
Einstein Multimedia


il Bello (e il Buono) dell’Italia 24/7

What’s the world’s third most well-known brand after Coca-Cola and Visa? 


It’s “Made in Italy”, even if it’s not really a brand. As a matter of fact, Italy is the world’s leader in the manufacturing of about 250 product categories. Furthermore Italy is the seventh largest export economy in the world and second in Europe.

In 2017 Italy shipped US$506.3 billion (more than half a trillion) worth of goods around the globe, up by nearly 10% from 2016-2017.


Amerigo is an Emirati mobile-first & digital studio and TV Channel based on Italian lifestyle to start-up.

It is specialized in adapting to different international cultures existing audiovisual contents designed to story tell the Italian lifestyle first in English, Chinese, Brasilian Portuguese and Russian and later would produce/disseminate original premium digital contents to be distributed in all media platforms.

It would operate in over 40 major countries within 3 (three) years from its opening entering at a later stage the original content-production industry.

100% Italian contents with the appeal to travel globally entirely packaged in Dubai offering to global advertisers great integration opportunities.

Italian lifestyle is always quite relevant: in fashion, music, culture, motors, luxury, art and design, food and beverage, travel and tourism and many more. 

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Einstein eventos

A 'generator' of creative events, a builder of emotions, a boutique production company based in São Paulo and in Dubai which is marked by a premium activity "born in Italy" enriched by the brilliant and effervescent Brazilian and Emirati creativity, supported by an experienced and recognized organizational capacity level international to serve a sophisticated cosmopolitan clientele.

our mission

Envision, design and carry out solutions for communication, marketing, events and training company. Individualized, in perfect synergy with the Client, effective strategies and focused on your needs, integrating them in a synergic way with the most innovative digital technologies. Each stage of the briefing to follow up the project, acted carefully in little details



Integrated entertainment projects, carefully studied around customer's requirements by a team of international experts projecting management, communication, design. Over 30 years of top level industry experience.


what we offer

We shape original ideas and concepts to life. From the idea to the final phase of the corporate event with international creativity and design “born in Italy” enriched by brilliant and effervescent Brazilian creativity to gain efficiency in the face of organizational capacity internationally to create what you desire.



Einstein Eventos represents exclusively for UAE and Latin America the premier talent management London agency Kruger Cowne that knows well the importance of making a good impression, whether that’s at a corporate dinner, charity event or in the public sphere. As such, our clients regularly attend a range of events for industry and enterprise, catering to our customers’ business and entertainment needs. Thanks to our diverse and broad portfolio of speakers & artists, you can be sure of delivering the perfect message, whether you’re looking for a motivational or after dinner speaker. Our clients include sports personalities, entertainers, TV personalities and celebrity chefs, as well as others.

So you will always inspire and delight your audience whilst creating an unforgettable experience.

Einstein Eventos

Love My Pet

The First Boutique Club For Pets​​

​​Building a new brand in the brazilian pet care market and become the leading & reference in the next 5 years time. 

Innovative products & upscale services for the emerging markets.

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You are what you eat​

Every 35 days your skin replaces itself. Your liver takes about a month. Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes you. You have a choice in what you’re made of. Ninety per cent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. Nutrition will always be an important part of the new paradigm of “personalised medicine” and preventive health care to improve the quality of a person's life. In a nutshell to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food-for-life (“E Ola ‘Ai” like they say in Hawaii) because you are what you eat.

soul food-for-life

Foods are much more than just a collection of nutrients, they are a wealth of influences and connotations. The type of food we choose can affect our moods. Hot, spicy, or stimulating foods may influence many of us toward hot-temperedness or nervousness. Cooling foods can relax us and give us peace of mind. Foods can help us celebrate and can comfort us when we mourn.

Leolaralisa was conceived in Brasil to create substainable zero mile  food-for-life according to the genuine italian tradition –  born in Italy, right in the middle of the Mediterranean basin, home of the Mediterranean Diet – simply because we really must do everything we can to leave our grandchildren a better world.


Casa D*Italia

Genuina Tradizione Italiana

​Casa D*Italia arise from the passion of a Genoese for fresh pasta and the desire to produce in Brazil artesanal pasta according to the true Italian tradition.

Our product is natural, it is genuine because we use only the best ingredients. That's why the good pasta is an art to be enjoyed.

The pasta arrived in Italy through the Arab culture in Sicily and in all other regions of the south in the twelfth century. Only with water and flour in Genoa was developed an easy way to make fresh pasta: with a few ingredients and flavors of a land rich in history and culture.

So the Italian pasta has become the main dish of the "Mediterranean diet", a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Casa D*Italia has created a premium selection of different types of handmade fresh pastas and sauces, classic recipes of the various regions as made ​​in Italy, with the care and technique that only Italians know.


That's why our pasta is so special.


Andiamo a mangiare!


Fabulous Food Formats

The Food Court Specialists ™​​

Fabulous Food Formats was born to create, develop, implement & distribute quality casual eating formats for food courts.


We use our expertise and creativity to develop a new concept of “eating entertainment”.

Not only consultants but the best partners for upscale shopping malls that are demanding more from the usual fast food unit.


Our team will bring to your shopping mall what customers, especially in emerging markets, desire in terms of food quality aligned with sustainable practices and ‘green’ processes.

Because everybody wants to improve their quality of life, eating better to feel better and to leave our world in a better shape than we found it.


AnqaFenice DMCC 

Like the legend of the Phoenix. 


All ends with beginnings. 


The MediaLeisure propeller in UAE is AnqaFenice DMCC a company that thrives on the official motto that the “impossible is possible”.


itFit • italian fitout 

Luxury Turnkey Service

itFit is a bespoke brand in Dubai of Italian fit out & interior design.


Italian professionals has team up with the very best suppliers in Italy and the Middle East to design Your luxury lifestyle living with heritage and vision.

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MediaLeisure SA
10 b, rue des Merovingiens

Z.I. Bourmicht

LUX 8070




MediaLeisure DMCC

Level 41

Emirates Towers

Sheikh Zayed Road

P.O. Box 31303


United Arab Emirates



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